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Choosing the right rubber stamp for you

Help with Choosing
the right stamp for your needs.

This page is designed to give you more information on which type of stamp is most useful for your particular application.

Rubber Stamps

Standard/Traditional Rubber Stamps

Standard/traditional rubber stamps can be made in almost any size or shape.
They can be used with many types and colours of ink to mark almost any surface including: paper (obviously!), wood, metal, glass, plastic/rubber, fabric, food and even human beings!

They are also more forgiving than other stamps when stamping on slightly uneven or curved surfaces.

Prices start at a miserly £4.20 for a small 12mm x 12mm stamp, with ink pads starting at £2.30

Traditional Rubber Stamps Page >>>

Trodat Printy Self Inking Stamps

Trodat Printy Self Inking Stamps

Trodat Printys are self inking stamps, which means you do not need a separate ink pad. This type of stamp has an ink pad inside the case which is in contact with the die when it is at rest, so all you need to do is press down for a clear impression every time.

Trodat printys have several advantages:

As no separate ink pad is necessary and the inky die is fully enclosed, they are very clean to use and store.

The sturdy plastic case provides excellent stability in use, helping to give a clear print every time.

Starting at just £8.50, they represent excellent value for money, especially when you consider that no extra ink pad is required.

Trodat Printy Page >>>

Trodat Professional Line Self Inking Stamps

Trodat Professional Line Self Inking Stamps

Trodat Professional Line Stamps are mainly for heavy duty, all day, every day use. They have a steel internal frame for strength and should provide years of useful service even with constant use.

Professional Line self inking stamps offer some different sizes to Printy stamps. They are also available with different configurations of changeable dates and numbers. Have a look through our price lists. If you do not see what you require, give us a call, we may be able to help.

Because of their heavy duty nature, Professional Line stamps are more expensive than Printy or traditional rubber stamps.

Trodat Professional Line Page >>>

Date and Number Stamps

Changeable Date and Number Stamps

These rubber stamps have a changeable date, number or other symbols. They are available either with or without additional custom text or graphics.

Standard, Printy self inking and Professional Line self inking date or number stamps are available here. >>

The date or number is normally at the centre, but can be configured otherwise as a special order at additional cost.

Date and Number Stamps Page >>>

Trodat Typomatic Stamps

Trodat Typomatic DIY Stamps

Typomatic stamps allow you to set your own type, then change it again and again. See how it works here >>

They are supplied with one or more sets of rubber letters, numbers and symbols.

They are available as Printy or Professional line self inking stamps, some with adjustable dates.

Trodat Typomatic Stamps Page >>>

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