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Changing a Trodat Printy Ink Pad

You will need:

1. Your Trodat Printy.
2. Your New Ink Pad of the correct size and colour.

printy pad change step 1

Step 1.

Press your printy down about 5mm and hold in the 2 locking buttons (located 1 on either side).
Release the Printy so it locks with the die slightly off the surface of the Ink Pad.

printy pad change step 2

Step 2.

Classic Printy:
Push the pad out as shown

New Printy:
Press the 'Click out' button (located on the front of the Printy, right in the middle).

printy pad change step 3

Step 3.

Classic Printy:
Push the new pad in as shown.

New Printy:
Push the new pad in as shown but from the rear of the unit.

printy pad change step 4

Step 4.

Push the printy down a little and release.
This will release the locking mechanism.

All done?
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